Lucifer’s Metamorphosis

lucifer1It is not uncommon to see servants rise up against their masters. Some of these guys are so ill-mannered that they make much ado about their master’s failings – perceived or real. Because they usually have big mouths, they tell many stories and of course, when heard from their perspective, they appear to be correct. They end up drawing a lot of people to their side and hey presto, dear leader suddenly finds himself confronted by an army of disgruntled elements. This happens in business conglomerates, religious assemblies, kingdoms, political circles and in the military where this is defined as mutiny.

Friends betray friends for different reasons other than a good reason. Sons engage their dads in a tussle for the throne. Vice-Presidents campaign against their Presidents. Where did all this bad blood originate from?


Before time began, God created Lucifer as a superb, mighty and beautiful angel. He had the unique ministry of being the angel of worship – a primary business in Heaven. Among the angelic beings, Lucifer was the primus inter pares – the first among equals.


Yes, Lucifer was created to dwell eternally in the throne room of Heaven, in the very presence of God. In order to stay here, Lucifer had to be perfect. Indeed there was nothing ordinary about his appearance. Adorned with gold and precious stones, he truly fit the name “Son of the Morning.” Lucifer’s wisdom exceeded that of other angelic beings and he understood the ways of God. But like other creatures, Lucifer was created a free being. Consequently, he was free to make his own choices.


However, familiarity breeds contempt. The closer a protégé gets to his master, the higher the tendency for disrespect except he cautions himself and keeps cautioning himself. Soon, a follower sees no big deal in his master. In Lucifer’s case, he began to see that there was nothing extraordinary in ruling as the King of the Universe. He studied himself and became so impressed with his own beauty, intelligence, power, and position that he began to desire for himself the honor and glory that belonged to God.


Perhaps appreciative of worship himself, he desired to become the focus of worship. Perhaps he felt that he could do a better job than God. Or perhaps he considered God weak in certain respects. Some suggest that he was put off by the idea of being subservient to man. Only eternity will reveal the details.


Lucifer rallied other worship angels around him and with his majestic voice, expressed theangels “disadvantages” of God and magnified his own “advantages”. With masterful oratory, he declaimed how the angels under him would have a better deal with him rather than God, as king. When the others reminded him that he like them was a created being, Lucifer must have suggested the possibility of self-creation meaning that he and some of the others made themselves or “just became”. The others bought this “revelation” and Lucifer had his dissident army to contend with the angelic forces of Heaven. He amassed the incredible followership of one-third of the total number of angels!


A great battle ensued; a battle for superiority, a battle for the throne of God. But there is no way a creature can rise above his creator! Lucifer was cast down into the abyss of darkness. He was stripped of his beauty and authority, and he metamorphosed into a two-faced personae: Satan literally meaning “Adversary” and Devil meaning “Accuser of the brethren”. His angel partners in crime became demons; having metamorphosed into grotesque, ugly beings. No longer do they tread majestically on Heavenly streets of gold; rather, they await eternal damnation and they seek to take with them as many of God’s beloved as they possibly can.


What triggered Lucifer’s metamorphosis? – Pride! What may trigger our own metamorphosis? – Pride! We look with conceit at the actions of our superiors. Filled with self-importance, we are convinced that we can do better than our dads, bosses, bishops, kings, political leaders or commanding officers! Pride, arrogance and incomplete information will trigger a metamorphosis whose result we will hate for as long as we live.


war overServants need the blessings of their masters to become the best they can ever be. A protégé needs his manager’s influence to help get established. Children still need parental help to achieve self actualization. The road to political victory becomes easier when there is the recommendation of a former leader. Soldiers are promoted by their generals…and the beat goes on. In all these, we see the need to respect our principals. Of course there are temptations to go against instituted authority on account of privileged things we see; yet we need to caution ourselves so that we do not succumb to the temptation of Lucifer, fall into the sin of rebellion, become dethroned from our celebrated positions and metamorphose into the dark, ugly opposite of our present selves.

thank you for reading and always be hopeful