Last Minute Miracles

holding onAt a certain point in time, it appears as if there is nothing remaining in our lives; no hope nor future to look forward to. Sometimes a closure of some sort appears imminent. Examples include marital separation or divorce,  bankruptcy, or even death. Naturally, when faced with such situations, we want to give up.


I do not write to ask you to do one thing or the other when you find yourself in such a situation. I only ask you to bear in mind the following experiences.


I refer to the Holy Bible because this is a Book of miracles. It chronicles the experiences of different people in different settings. And let’s face it, there is nothing new under the Sun. There is no human experience that is peculiar to a certain individual. As the Earth revolves round and round, humanity also revolves around itself in experiences, fashion, and tendencies. Summarily, what has been, will still be. So why can’t we learn from history? Why shouldn’t we appropriate Biblical accounts?


Hagar had misbehaved just like we all do at one time or the other. Consequently, she was fired. Hagar had been a domestic help in Abraham’s home. She must have been good and trustworthy until her Madam took her into confidence. Few people can maintain their sanity after getting quite close to their bosses. Hagar put on an attitude. She became saucy, arrogant, and outrightly rude. Consequently, she had to go.


Sometimes we have become so valuable to our boss that we tend to over-value holding on3ourselves. We begin to act as if he owes us his livelihood. Not surprisingly, we soon find ourselves out in the cold after he fires us. All too soon, we realize our mistakes when we become overwhelmed by sudden poverty.


In Hagar’s case, she found herself lost and alone with her little boy, Ishmael. There came a time that they were so thirsty that she feared for her son’s life. Anguished and hopeless, she moved some distance away from him. She thought to herself, “I cannot bear to watch him die.”


Having done her best, Hagar had given up. Surely her son was going to die. But at the last minute, just when all hope seemed lost, an Angel was sent to Hagar. A source of water was created…and Ishmael, Hagar’s son lived.


Let us bear in mind that along with Hagar’s ordeal was the threat of God’s promise being aborted. This is because Ishmael had been promised to become a great nation. Last Minute Miracles protect and ensure the fulfillment of God’s promises.


In a similar vein, David had been promised the kingship of Israel. Yet murderous attempts were being made upon his life by the reigning King Saul. David had to exclaim passionately, “As surely as the Lord lives, there is only a step between me and death.”


holding on4This was how close David considered himself to death – just a step away! Nevertheless, God supplied him the miracle of escape, direction, and invincibility. Even though he had extremely narrow escapes, death never apprehended him. One way or the other, he escaped the sword of his jealous king.


The Widow of Zarephath is our last consideration. Here is a woman that got to the point of actually confessing that she had come to the end of the road. She said, “…I don’t have any bread – only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug. I am gathering a few sticks to take home and make a meal for myself and my son, that we may eat it – and die.”


What brings someone to this point of utter helplessness? What brings someone to the point of placing a bookmark on his day of death? Yet these are the experiences that we sometimes face  when we get to the point of sheer exhaustion and total hopelessness. Death is actually looked forward to – as a final solution. I refer to this literally or in similitude as in signing the final divorce papers, the filing for bankruptcy, or coming to terms with the diagnosis of a terminal illness that gives you or your loved one but a short time to live.


Here, all cases of denial have been done away with. Reality stares you in the face and declares that Hagar’s son is going to die, David will be killed by his king, and the widow and her son would die of starvation. Yet in all these cases, a last minute miracle took place – and ‘The End’ was averted. Interestingly, these people did not have to follow some specific steps or abide by some preferred principles.  After all, this is the nature of a miracle – it requires little or no input from you.


Till date, Last Minute Miracles occur – the stay of execution, the manifestation of an holding on5angel investor, the unexpected provision, the marriage that comes at a much later stage of life, the conquest of a terminal illness, and of course that last minute soccer goal that suddenly makes all the difference.


In answer to the question, “So what do I do in order to get my Last Minute Miracle?” The answer is “Nothing!” Simply bear in mind that there are such things as Last Minute Miracles. Because of this, don’t you become entirely hopeless or helpless – your Last Minute Miracle might just be

thank you for reading and always be hopeful