The Life You Desire Comes From Within

daydreamingJohn had always wanted the best that life had to offer, and so he ended up desiring to wear the shoes of his heroes. One day, while daydreaming, he was taken on a trip to Fantasyland where all your dreams come true. John wished to be the richest, and most famous man on earth.


He was immediately put in such shoes. It was only then that he realized that even the rich and the famous still have other dreams. John was shocked! He thought that such lives were complete and satiated. He couldn’t imagine that the rich and famous craved the simplicity of life.


He left the rich and famous and then wished that he was in the shoes of the self-accomplished. With a wave of the hand, his desire was granted. John discovered that the really self-accomplished ones make strong efforts to celebrate themselves. This habit seemed to attract other successes to them.


Success is like a litter of puppies or a flock of birds. The more you express the desire of wanting to be with them, the more they flock around you. The self-accomplished meditate, talk about, and celebrate their little, little successes. Consequently, they become more succesful. John found out that self-accomplishment comes primarily from within.


John moved on and expressed the wish of being in the shoes of the happiest people on earth. After being metamorphosed, he found out that happy people only make efforts to be happy. Their happiness is not a direct consequence of good times but rather, their own determination to focus and concentrate on joyful thoughts. They deliberately, consciously, discountenance sorrowful thoughts.


John finally wished that he was a wealthy father. He wished to have dependents and be a daydream1generous provider of wisdom, morals, ethics, guidance, food, clothing, and shelter. He soon realized that being a father could be a way of life. Without waiting to get married and sire his own kids, he could be a father to all those around him by showing them care, love, and concern. There were many, many, needy people around. It wouldn’t take much effort to discover children and subsequently enjoy the fulfillment and blessings of fatherhood.


John came to the knowledge that other people were not too different from him, no matter how happy or successful they seemed. They only carried themselves in an enviable way. He determined to change his attitude to life and dreams. Waking up from his daydreams and returning from Fantasyland, John learnt the great lesson that greatness comes from within.


thank you for reading and always be hopeful