The Curse

The Johnson family was bewitched for generations undefined. The Curse was fashioned in this manner:


By the time a male Johnson reaches the age of 45, he is expected to tend towards financial or sexual impropriety depending upon his disposition. This will have suicidal implications. On the other hand, none of the females will stand the chance of getting married until she is 40. Through the law of probability, her chances of birthing children safely will also be reduced.


The Curse had been set. It awaited its victims. Meanwhile, the Johnsons were not aware of The Curse.


Soon enough, generations of the Johnsons became hooked by The Curse. Unfortunately, they did not relate so closely as to see a connection in their experiences. One or two affected members of the family queried their experiences and decided to seek help in religion. They believed that with a single word, prayer, or action, their priest could break the trend of The Curse. But it didn’t happen this way. So despite all efforts, The Curse continued to be a consuming fire in the Johnson family.


But something happened to interrupt the flow of things. This occurs when David is born. Although David is not much to look at, neither is he impressive in size, he does have a big heart. David sees in black and white. To him, it is either something is wrong or right. He does not look for a middle ground.


When David is told to do something, he does not give excuses. His mother sees this trait in him and encourages him with a reward whenever he delivers his errands punctually and accurately. When David is told that something is wrong, he only seeks clarification. Thereafter, he considers doing the right thing compulsory. David grows up like this and becomes a highly principled person. He discovers that morals are upheld irrespective of time or circumstance.


The Curse may be applicable in different forms to you and me. It is a trap. However, it is possible not to be bewitched by it if one is morally principled.  Most curses are meant to hit their victims at their points of weakness. But if I am conscious of my weaknesses, I will be extra cautious of my habits.


David sails through his 45th year seamlessly. This continues until he was in his 50s. He has no issues with either financial or moral impropriety. Suicide is not a question to be answered. Temptations have no hold on David because he sees these as no-go areas. Once it is wrong, David has nothing to do with it. Because of his principled nature, The Curse can find no foothold on David. Somehow, it just doesn’t find him applicable.


Although The Curse tries to by-pass David and continue its effect on succeeding generations of the family, it discovers that its experience with David has made it wane in rhythm and potency. After some years, The Curse loses its power completely. In this way, the Johnson family are freed from a generational curse that has tormented them for so many years. This happens because one man in a generational chain was principled.





thank you for reading and always be hopeful