Dignity is the quality of being worthy of honor or respect. Dignity is what makes you hold your head high. You must have dignity. Other words for dignity include self-respect and self-appreciation. You must respect and appreciate who you are!


It really doesn’t matter what you’ve been through…or how down you are. The first person that you have is you. The first person that you know is you. You do yourself a great disservice by thinking badly of you. Despite the ingloriousness of your circumstances, you must hold your head high. You must walk tall with pride. You cannot afford to look down upon you. You must maintain your dignity!


People may think different things of you. It doesn’t matter. Their thoughts belong to them. These have no influence on you except you permit them to. People may also say terrible things about you. Some in your hearing; others behind your back. Ignore them. Ignore them all. But do the right thing. Keep doing the right thing. Do the things that you can do; the everyday tasks that are before you. While doing these things, hold your head high. Maintain your dignity.


When you have dignity, there will be some things that you will not indulge in. You will not be lazy, gluttonous, steal, rape, envy, or murder. A dignified person will desist from some actions on account of self-respect.



People want to judge us according to their own understanding. Others will judge us based on their own expectations. There are yet others that will criticize us on the basis of their own experiences. Let them run their mouths; it belongs to them. But you – maintain your dignity. Chart your course.


The Just shall live by his own faith. Really, you cannot use the faith of someone else to live your own life. Similarly, you cannot use the properties of another to live, neither can you spend from their pockets – except you are not a straight-forward person. So why do you allow them to decimate your person by their show-off? Why do you give them permission to make you feel bad on account of what they have? What they have belongs to them; what you have belongs to you. No matter how it looks, what is yours is yours – you worked for it. Hold it with joy. Use it with pride. Keep your dignity.


Respect who you are. Be true to yourself. Give yourself some class – not in the consistence of worldly property, but on account of your person. Let the ‘you that is in you’ account for your self-confidence. You were created a hero. Every hero has his dignity. Where is yours?

thank you for reading and always be hopeful