The Christian God

standing by the crossChristianity is not a religion. It is a way of life. The deity in this case is one that has a heart. He loves us, He comforts us and He disciplines us. What’s more, this deity does not see His followers as subjects but as children.

The Christian God is a Father. He has a primary interest in His children. He wants the best for each one of them, and typical of a considerate parent, He does not enforce His own will on any of them. He however hopes that you and I will make decisions that are consistent with His own outlook.

God our heavenly Father wants us to be acquainted with how He thinks. It is because of this that He provides His Word, The Holy Bible, for our reading pleasure. He advises us to meditate on this as often and as regularly as we can so that gradually, we can think and act like Him.

So much work has been done on the Bible. It is now available in most languages the most common of which is the English language. Here, it is made available in different formats in an attempt to simplify its original lingo and make it directly applicable to our individual lives. It is available in hard copies, soft copies and audio formats. It can be accessed on most electronic devices including the mobile phones we carry about. It is difficult for us to establish the complaint that we cannot access the Word of God or that we do not have time to read it. After all, it is now so handy.

The purpose of the availability of God’s Word is to acquaint us with our Father. By living father and sontogether and talking to each other, earthly fathers acquaint themselves with their children. A good child soon knows the likes and dislikes of his Dad. While we may not have the privilege of seeing our heavenly Father in the physical, we can get to know Him by studying His Word and talking to Him in prayers. After a while, we feel Him very close to us and He soon becomes as intimate as any earthly father can be to his children.

It is comforting to have God as a Father. It is comforting to know that your Father is the All Mighty,
whom you can count on for help when you need it. It is comforting to be able to rest in the presence of our Father despite the turbulence around us.
Why not accept this gift of God’s Fatherhood today? He is available to all of us.

thank you for reading and always be hopeful