Walking with God

footsteps-for-webEagles do not fly in a convoy. They always fly alone.
In the Holy Bible, you will find tyrants and heroes, charlatans and maestros,
single minded guys and the follow, follow, people. This is the same in life today.

One such single minded person mentioned in the Bible was Enoch. (Genesis 5: 22 – 24)
Enoch loved God. Enoch made God his friend. Enoch told God his challenges. Enoch asked God about His own challenges. Enoch walked with God.

Enoch did this at a time when the human race followed its whims and caprices and did
not have regard for God or the law of fairness that typifies God’s character.

Perhaps one evening while Enoch went on a prayer walk, chatting with the God of the
universe, God said to him, “Enoch, I love you so much. Would you like to come to
My House?” Perhaps Enoch answered in the affirmative. Then God said, “Fine. Let’s go.”

The Holy Bible had to record the event in this manner, “Enoch walked with God; then he
was no more, because God took him away.”

Do you have the passion of being extremely close to God and walking with Him as Enoch did?
Because this desire is uncommon does not mean you should dismiss it as a worthless one.
Instead, be single minded about it. Go for it with all the zeal that you can muster.
Let the epitaph be written of you that, “Here lays another man that walked with God.”

thank you for reading and always be hopeful