Dissipate that Pressure!

frustration-Zach-Klein-1024x557My all time favorite inventor is Thomas Twyford. He produced the all-china flushing toilet in 1885.
With his invention, Twyford has helped man to dissipate the most intense human pressure in a very convenient way.
It is not difficult to notice someone that is under the pressure of human physiology. You observe the sudden stiffening of the body, the fixed desperate look, furtive glances and the mouthing of the prayer – “Lord have mercy!”
Tension breaks when you locate the room that has several names such as:
•    The Water Closet – where water is kept in a ‘closet’ for questionable purposes
•    The Oval Office – where you equate the American President in his powers over human        forces
•    The Holy Room – where you seek privacy to indulge in less than holy activities
•    The Think Tank – where all your mind is concentrated on the task at hand
As you relax in the rest room, you experience a release. Your body that was previously inflated with physiologic pressure suddenly deflates like a balloon.
At the end of your grind, you cannot help but erupt joyously into the chorus – “O happy day, O happy day, When Jesus washed…”
It is an additional blessing when abundant water is available to clear up all evidences of your just concluded ‘Royal Rumble’. Availability of a strong air freshener seals the deal, as this ensures that nothing is traceable to you. You strut out of that room confidently and with the prayer that Twyford, though long dead, enjoys as much rest as you have just done.
Similarly, life can mount such incredible pressure upon us that we feel ready to burst. It is important that we are courageous enough to take time off to dissipate our pressures; bearing in mind that time invested in rest is not a waste. Rather it serves to replenish our strength and renew our focus.
Dissipating life’s pressures can take several forms depending on the time or resources available. A short holiday, a shopping spree, a long drive in the country, a steamy session with an equally pressured spouse, time out with the kids or even a cold bottle of coca cola, can go a considerable way in making us feel rested. It is only after this that we can also erupt into that joyous chorus –“O happy day, O happy day, When Jesus washed…”

thank you for reading and always be hopeful