Screenshot_2014-06-19-16-42-20-2My name is Akin Akinnibosun. I am a Nigerian by birth and currently live and work in Nigeria.

I have realized that the best actors and actresses are not necessarily those we see in the movies. On the other hand, these are the regular guys on the street.

You and I are these regular guys!

Although we laugh and smile on the outside, we are dying on the inside. We long for a caring shoulder to cry upon. We desperately hope for a sincere person to take us aside and genuinely ask, “How are you? What is happening in your life? Can we pray together?”

We tend to become desperate and sometimes act desperately when we do not receive such care or encouragement.

Indeed, we all need support at one time or the other. This supplies us the strength to live through today’s darkness in the hope that tomorrow will be mega bright. Sometimes we need another person to help reactivate this hope. This is the reason behind www.wehopeagain.com

It is my prayer that these writings will find their way into your heart when you need them most – to rekindle hope, strengthen hope and provide you the courage to hope again.